Money,Hurt,Failure,Scared(Fear) are one of the major things people are getting effected an haunted with which inturn change people into fratilty. Out of 10 people, 7 people ruin their life getting sucked up in the Blackhole consisting of the above 4 factors.

          Its an illusion that many people feel or live in era that Money can buy happiness, Hmmm ya money may buy you commodious comfort but not happiness or love is what i feel , you will never get satisfied. Money is like dirt in your hand, All i wanna say is that “Money is just like a Number, It never Ends but if you take that countless Money and try to buy Happiness ,then don’t live in false belief My Dear, coz Happiness never ends too” 😉 . I have lived,grown up an evolved with many people around, I have witnessed an found out that ” Some people are so Poor, All they have is Money” 😦 ,Some even say that the people who are poor are more happier coz they sift an seek out happiness in what they got and living a happy life. There are somethings in this God forbid world like Love,happiness,which are immortal you cant own them or buy them, they have no price tags. Sometimes it makes me wonder how the mankind system is, how creative God is, The way he has set of his own limits an restrictions. “Everything in this word is for a reason and Everything happens for a reason” 🙂 , but sometimes people fluster themselves in finding what is the reason, this doesn’t end’s here. The funniest part is Even the Reason has a Reason behind it there is no end to it and in this arbitrary world everything is so Inceptious,at the end of the day Don’t forget my friend “Nothing is true,everything is Permitted ” 😮 . But waiiiiittttt before agreeing to this make sure u have enough money.

                           Broken heart this can resembles many things Failure,Hurt,Scared an so on. You know Life is hard coz it gives you emotionally, mentally, physically scars. people may end up in a situation.. “where they may forgive but cant forget” or result in some guilt or wounded by some inner personal issues,hurt(breakup’s),betrays,bond,real. But don’t hold yourself in past looking at the closed doors, what if you may miss the door which is open  right in-front of you now,but you are still busy focused an waiting and hoping for the closed door to open. Instead of being sad depressed drown in own flame why don’t we people set fire to the past an use that light to enlighten your today. Ya you may feel that Life inside you is Dead, but don’t forget that your Body is still Alive that means u need to still Survive. Remember “Yesterday just Died, but Tommorrow Never Cries, these are the theory of our lives 😦 😉 “ so why don’t we people adapt an live with it, sometimes its easier if you turn your weakness into strength an use it to keep moving forward.

            Life is unfathomable an enduring process, so don’t try to study or understand it coz you can’t, rather than you will end up being flustered. Just try sifting out things from life live it, love it, an move on just go with the flow You don’t need to know what you’re doing. You’re already doing it. It’s like breathing. You don’t need to know how, you just do. So keep breathing. Keep being you, and all the rest will follow. when we have million of reasons to be happy , then don’t let some sad things drags you deep down instead use it as staircase to step on it an keep moving forward. Sometimes it may even Scare you, make you weak , but its okay to be scared, nothing is wrong with that, but don’t pretend you are not, be really Scared, but at same time, watch the fear, where does it come from,how it changes, where it goes when its done, try to see what actually it is ? try to catch it , but you cant … you know why?? 😮 coz its just an illusion in your mind a camouflage which you yourself created it , a ghost in your head, kinda temporary state in your mind an its gets over you depending on how much you believe in it as Real, 😉 an where you  witness this just believe in your inner child he will guide you to right path. When it comes to Failure , failure, there nothing like Failure, there is only experience , there is only  learning only difference is it comes an appears in different form but it is all equal an same but we people look towards it as a pessimist.

so here comes an end of ma blog, just sharing ma thoughts keeping ma view ……!!! #stayreal :)#stayhappy #livelife #lovelife ❤  #lovebloggin #keepitreal 😉 #spreadloveandpeaceeeee


My Perception,My View towards life …Don’t Survive , Live Life .. theirs big difference between these two…!! :| :)

      There is a big difference between Living a Life and Surviving, I don’t know why I find many people around me are confused with it and most people don’t realize it ,sometimes I feel they live and are stuck in hangovers or somewhere they are missing something. There might be plenty reasons. One of the main problem with all these people around is, they are so Narrow Minded, as World is growing faster,things,people,relations,brotherhood,family,love,humor, everything is reflecting and change is taking place very drastically and people around rather than molding,evolving ,growing and grasping thyself in parallel way they are ending up as stagnant, I witness that “People are not growing ,instead they are just getting BIGGER “.

        Sometimes I feel its because of society,boundary,rules or the limits they setup themselves in their own mind and restricted them from being ‘open minded/broad minded’  they are not realizing that “Life is Beach, an they are just playing in the Sand” this is holding them within those limits entangled an in turbid state and not letting their mind go free, which simultaneously is effecting them resulting in anger,sad, unhappy,frustrated,lacking,hurt,hatred,sentiments,understanding people,adapting to life. Never take life seriously ,it’s not meant to take serious, but make sure you live life which has meaning to it or else whats the use living a meaningless-life or with no purpose. In your journey from your life till your death you will come an pass through many things tests,situation, and don’t expect things or people around you to be as u want, “Not all fingers in your Hands are Same” instead u gotta learn to accept it, and find meaning in it a purpose. ya I know life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Enjoy,Breathe,Feel,See,love,care use your senses your godly gifted with and “Realize the real-eyes an real-lies” remember everybody are born for a reason, everybody has their own purpose in life.

            According what i learnt, or by the lessons what Life taught me. All i feel is “Life is Game, where you will get a turn, either you will live an learn or either you will freeze or you will burn”. People these days pose themselves try to wannabe Broadminded,mature,.. etc, but why they don’t understand that to grow ,mature,understand it doesn’t work like this , you don’t need to do anything specifically or differently or be different. The key to life is simple, whatever you do, put Life in it. Be True,Real that moment if you start pretending, faking it, the reality surrounding you seems to know somehow, like a shark smells blood in the water. At this point, it immediately sets about the task of making me honest again, which often involves getting humbled in some way. In other words, if you are not being real – expressing your truest self in each moment – the intelligence of life will, sooner or later, bring you back down into the truthful dirt, the dirt from which you came, the dirt that feeds the food you eat, the dirt you will someday become again.

          Normal human tendency is we only see,notice things, which we want to and we tend to forget,ignore small things which we never looked up or thought off. That’s the point were more people get distract and go wrong. What i meant is these small things matters alot, trust me on this, this things which we skip neglect,but these “Small things make Big Change”, They have bigger impact on your life. let it be any kind of small thing like pouring water to a small plant, talking to some stranger, what i meant is just surrender(Yourself) completely to that moment or that situation, let that be a person, place, animal,or a thing, understand an live an try to see life in small things, before understanding others first know what you are, understand yourself people usually end up self being unfathomable that’s the sad part, “Don’t Forget that Taste is not in the Food, it lies in your TASTE-BUD :)”. Trust me when you witness this reality it will move u, you will automatically grow up, mature,understand things precisely that will be the day where you will start to “Live Life rather than Surviving it “.

             What I learned, cannot be taught and what I earned cannot be bought. I will share my experience and try to frame it .. But the way you will understand or learn it will be in your own unique way not same as mine. Sometimes deep down inside I feel so happy,good as if I achieved something when I try to enlighten people around, I try my best and make them understand if somewhere it hits them an makes a Lil difference means a lot to me .. Feels so happy nothing else I look forward. it’s always pleasure to watch “what goes around,will come around” vice versa … i already told you what i feel what i see, what i experinced but its not just based on my description, its way you see it, from where you sitting is probably 110% different, i wish you could walk a mile atleast wearing my shoes an see through my eyesight….  soo here comes to the end of my blog ….  #stayreal 🙂 #stayhappy #staystrong 🙂 #livelife #lovelife ❤ #beproudofwhatyouare 🙂 …. At end of the life make sure you have stories to tell, not awards to show 😉 just a thought #keepbloggin #lovebloggin

Mind of a plogger – #1

Its cold out there,

They say Winter is Coming, 

Like wolf in the night Hollering, 

I’m one hot headed Nigga in the Game, 

With fire in my Soul, to quench my Hawl, 

I always stay close to the Heat, 

So, even when I’m close to Defeat, 

I can still see rose at my Feet, 

I can hear the whispers in the Echos,

Always be the Realest, 

Let your hater feel your the Illest…


And then I was being questioned “WHY YOU LOVE BATMAN..??”

Revenge & judging #tghtsbyme

Its been a long time ago … jotting things down ….anyways the Later the Better . So here I m back with something to express and drag it it outta my mind and frame it down.

Yesterday while I was on way back home , it was dime pleasant evening, i witnessed two people who use to be wrapped up all-around ,buzzed,chuckled together ended up departing away from each other as if they were strangers. Things which took place which my eye sight framed ,It moved me and made me stuck to that momentum making me realize and think how at times ,We humans tend to fluster at things especially when we are mauled up in fore of anger and revenge, we normally tend to forget the heart and listen to brain and end up being so obnoxious about the things around us. For that ounce of rage we only look at the thing which are right in front of your mind, but living in this dilemma we anticipate things which are completely opposite to the reality  and this is where the heart gets overshadowed by brain.

In gist of taking Revenge , the agony,the fury inside our mind which burns the bright spots into smokes which will lead you into ashes. We broadminded unfathomable species with tiny brain inside get black-jacked  that ” When we accomplish in taking Revenge by receding a thought that it will will led our-self to Happiness is false belief which mind captivates us into, but reality is what just lies behind it .”By Accomplishing your Revenge , you will not feel happy, Instead you will feel empty,broke deep down inside and the meaning of the life will collapse down“.

when we reach a certain phase in a life where the things are to be judged. We people judge the situation according to retrospect  and  we applying them current Standards and Perceptions.  Its like “We try to fix things , which are not broken” that’s the dark spot where people usually end up, I would rather call it up as loop hole a living perceiving  nightmare by which whole humanity is getting haunted .